All fastboot commands, You should know.

ADB and FASTBOOT  are the smartphones cmd line codes. Which helps you to fix any problem related to your phone. You must have heard that these commands shouldn’t be used without having the knowledge of what it does, but that is not the case.  You can try all those commands and have your phone back without having any problems(condition applies: shouldn’t flash the ROM not programmed for the device).  

Here we are discussing Fastboot commands only.


It is a diagnostic tool used to modify the file system in android phone from a computer when the smartphone is in bootloader mode.  Android bootloader (sometimes bootloader is also called HBOOT) is similar to the computers BIOS, it the first thing that runs when you start the android phone.  It is a program that loads an operating system when a phone is turned on.

You knew what is bootloader and FASTBOOT.  Now, let us know the commands and their uses. There are not many commands in fastboot, there are few commands and those are very powerful commands.

By this point, I assume you have installed the fastboot and ADB in your system if you haven’t installed download the fastboot and ADB installer from here.

Install Guide,

Download the file and extract, then run install.bat, follow the instruction of installation.

List of FASTBOOT commands,

1. The update command

how to use:  fastboot update

This command updates the device by reflashing the device from zip file.

2. The flashall command

how to use: fastboot flashall

This command flashes the whole phone  (recovery+ system +boot)

3. The flash partition command

how to use: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

This command is a powerful command, you can flash a single partition, if your user data is corrupted you can flash user data only.  This command installs the file in partition specified.

Major Partition is

  1. userdata
  2. system
  3. boot
  4. cache

4.  The erase command

how to use: fastboot erase partition (major partition name are listed above)

This command can erase the particular partition.

If you want to erase userdata then the command would be

fastboot erase userdata

5. The format command

how to use: fastboot format partition (major partition name are listed above)

This command formats the particular partition.

ex: fastboot format boot

6. The getvar command

how to use: fastboot getvar all 

This command displays all bootloader variable.

7. The boot command

how to use: fastboot boot partition (major partition name are listed above)

This a powerful command.  You can boot into the different files without actually flashing the phone.  This command is used to test the custom-developed kernel codes.

8. The devices command

how to use: fastboot devices

Lists all the phones in bootloader mode connected to pc.

9. The unlock OEM command

how to use: fastboot unlock OEM

This command might require more or less command to work. It depends on the company.  For HTC phones you need more commands.  like fastboot OEM get_identifier_token and flashing the code back to the phone. 

This command unlocks the OEM, which lets you install the custom ROMS.

There are more steps to unlock OEM, different brand phones have different steps to unlock OEM. Please refer to company guide to unlock OEM.

10. The reboot/reboot-bootloader command

how to use: fastboot reboot

how to use: fastboot reboot-bootloader

This command reboots your device.

Bulk lists of other commands

  1. fastboot oem writecid
  2. fastboot oem writeimei
  3. fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  4. fastboot flash unlocktoken unlock_code.bin   (for htc devices, learn more at
  5. fastboot oem unlock-go
  6. fastboot oem unlock
  7. fastboot oem lock
  8. fastboot oem device-info preflash
  9. fastboot oem enable-charger-screen
  10. fastboot oem disable-charger-screen
  11. fastboot oem off-mode-charge
  12. fastboot oem select-display-panel
  13. fastboot oem bootlog
  14. fastboot oem getvar
  15. fastboot oem mmcinfo
  16. fastboot oem info
  17. fastboot oem securewipe

These are other commands that may or may not work on your phone.

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