1. What is crosstalk?  How is it minimized in the case of twisted pair of wires?

When an electric or magnetic field of one telecommunication signal affects a signal in an adjacent circuit, this disturbance is generally known as the crosstalk. Crosstalk can also be defined as the electromagnetic interference received by one or more wires. Crosstalk causes errors, noise, or prevents cables from transmitting data.

In the case of wireless communication, crosstalk is a signal transmission issue that causes a disruption in another circuit.

If the twisting is done equally the interference is canceled out with one another.  Shielded cables and keeping cables further apart help prevent crosstalk.

  • Why two separate frequencies are used for uplink and downlink transmission in the case of satellite communication?

Two separate frequencies are used to prevent crosstalk. Different frequencies are used to avoid the interference of the signal with one another. The other reason is to prevent the loss of data from thermal noise.


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