We all have seen the development of the smartphone, how it started and where we are today. Smartphone started off with plastic resistive displays and stylus input. Before the iPhone showed that capacitive touch on glass was the future. Now, this is a foldable era of the display.

From edge to edge display to curved display, Samsung has brought the first-ever foldable display phone.

What does that mean?

Samsung has finally designed the phone which is foldable. This is not an old-style flip /fold phone.

The phone to the right is not the one we are talking about, we are talking about the brand new phone by Samsung,” The phone whose display is foldable.”. Yes, the phone which can be folded and it is a full edge to edge display phone.

We are not talking about this phone by Samsung.

Samsung revealed something huge: its first foldable screen, which opens and flattens out for a tablet-sized display. The Infinity Flex Display is an entirely new direction for Samsung smartphones that required the development of new materials and processes to make it functional.

Foldable phones are the initial market for this screen technology. manufacturers will get far more ambitious as the display technology matures. Samsung is also promising rollable and stretchable OLED displays in the future.

It will be so flexible that you can someday fold your 55inch TV and put it in your bag.  This might sound unbelievable right now but we are at the very beginning of this technology, we have just made the first step forward in this foldable screen tech.

We are talking about this phone.

What is a foldable phone?

Samsung, a foldable phone is a device with a cellular connection that looks like a tablet when it’s fully opened and can close to look like your usual phone. Samsung has a tablet-like screen that closes inward like a book.  The shape is normal but the width increases.

Samsung showed off its new Infinity Flex Display on November 7, 2018. The display technology that will allow a tablet-sized screen to fold into a device that approximates the size and shape of a smartphone. While we’ve seen flexible and bendable wearable devices. This is one of the first times we’ve seen such a display on a phone. This kind of phone is going to market in 2019 only.   It is a rumored to be shipped in 2019. We don’t exactly know the date when the phone will be available in the market. Rumors suggest this phone will be called Galaxy X  or Galaxy F.


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