You ordered to develop a WordPress site to a web design company, the site looks amazing, it’s responsive, modern design, fully SEO optimized and You posted the first ever post to your site and you wanted to share it to your social media. BUT!!! Wait where are those SHARE buttons??

Yes, that happens to most of the website owner.  And if you ask the web design company to add those buttons for you, they are obviously going to ask for $$$$ (money).
Don’t just hurry up and pay the money when you can add those buttons for free and in an easy way (I mean no coding required, you don’t need to code yourself to get those buttons.)

Now, let us begin to add those share buttons.

Step 1: Login to your site dashboard. (
Step 2: Go to Plugin Section and Select Add New plugin.
Step 3: To your top right corner where it says search, type: Addthis, (Screenshot below, I have already installed the plugin and activated.)

(Note: With this tool, you can add  share button, promotion buttons, follow, list building, related post archive if you don’t have any of that pre-built in your site)

Step 4: Install the plugin and activate it.
Step 5: After you have activated the plugin, head over to your dashboard > Plugin>Addthis> Settings

Step 6: After that, you will be asked to create an account or use the tool without having an account. (I have an account so, I will use my account.)
Step 7: After login, you will see the ANALYTICS AND MORE AT ADDTHIS.COM,  click there and you will be redirected to the AddThis dashboard.

Step 8: In the AddThis dashboard click the tools at the very top of the homepage you have been recently redirected to.

Step 8: Now click on the add new tool.

Step 9: Select the share buttons option.

Step10: Choose the style of share buttons you want. ( I have used the floating buttons option, just because those buttons look cool)

Step 11: Click continue > edit the settings if you want or else click the activate Tool.

And now visit your site from the new tab and read any of your articles. You should see the share buttons there.

(Bonus: If you don’t want to follow all those steps, just copy the link of your article and post in your social media that will work fine.)


Currently, working as a Digital Marketing Officer was working as an IT Department Chief for a Financial Institution, and I am a part-time freelancer.

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