Top Creative YouTube Ideas To Try.

Being a YouTuber is everyone’s dream nowadays. But believe it or not it’s pretty simple and easy to start a channel and get views but it’s hard to keep your audience engaged in your videos. So, here are the few ideas you should try to get views, subscribers, and have returning audience.

Top video trends of all time.

1. Do Trending YouTube Challenges

Believe it or not, there are 100’s of challenges out there on youtube which always gets attention. Try to bring a twist on your video do the challenges in a different and creative way. That will give you the place on youtube, who knows the challenge you do with a twist might go viral overnight.

I personally like innuendo Bingo challenge. It doesn’t matter if the challenge is old or new you just need to do in a different way.

2. Play Games

Video game makes a good youtube video. Play your favorite game and film yourself playing.

Of all the video ideas this one is more fun and easy to do.

3. Unboxing and Review

Wait! What you just bought a new phone?? Then it’s time to grab your tripod and camera because unboxing and reviews make good youtube videos. Do an unboxing and review this kind of videos are likely to get more attention.

4. Cook

Are you a good chef or a bad chef? Do you know how to cook something better? If the answer is Yes then do it professionally explain the process and upload videos, and if the answer is NO then to try cooking something off the internet and film the entire process which you did to cook.  I bet you this video is something everyone would love to see. You don’t need to write a whole 10-page script to film a funny video, your worst cooking can actually make a good funny video.

5. Educational video

There are tons of student out there looking for the best answer possible to complete their assignment.  Are you good at Maths, Physics, Chemistry or History or any other subjects? You can do a video about how to solve something easily. It’s like being a virtual teacher. You can even teach how to use software like Photoshop, Video editors AutoCAD and more.

6. Reaction Video 

You don’t need to piss yourself off thinking about what videos to make.  300hours of video are uploaded to youtube every single minute. You can choose your choice of video and react to it. Whether you like it or not, how is the video quality, sound quality? Your favorite part in the video and what you didn’t like about the video. You can react to top youtube channel videos to get instant views and likes but it’s not good for the long-term.

6. DIY and How to 

Are you a lazy, clumsy nerd type person?? No offense but the laziest person will find the easiest way to do the hardest things. Bill Gates once said ” I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”Yes, if you are a lazy person then there might be 100 of tricks to solve the difficult problems. That is how DIY and How-To videos are made.  If you are good at something then film yourself, show the world what you have got.   There are lots of unanswered questions out there, try to answer those question.  Your answer will make quality video content on “How to do X Y Z XYZ? / DIY”.

7.  Make a video about how to start YouTube

If you are reading this article.  Then there might be other people who are also looking for ideas to start youtube.  Share how you started and how to start, I just gave you a life-saving idea guys, share what you do for making videos and how you come out with your video ideas.  That could be your signature advice.


Here are other ideas in short

  1. Workout video
  2. Concept and presentation
  3. Fashion vlog
  4. Shopping tour
  5. Apartment tour
  6. Advice
  7. Infographic video
  8. Q & A
  9. Book Review
  10. Product Review
  11. Movie review
  12. Prank videos
  13. Parody Video
  14. Voice over video / Lip-syncing
  15. Time Lapse 





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