Error-correcting code (ECC) is a sequence of numbers generated by the specific algorithms for detecting and removing errors in data that has been transmitted over noisy channels.  Error correction codes are also known as the forward error correction and these codes are added so that the receiver can find the corrupted bits and fix them.

Retransmission is the process of sending packets that have been corrupted in the process of transmission.

Reason for using error-correcting codes instead of Error Detection and Retransmission

  1. Time taken to error-correcting is less than doing detection and retransmission and the bandwidth used will be less.  

If any frame is received with an error, then the receiver can regenerate the correct frame using the error-correcting information generated by error-correcting codes.  If we use the retransmission the receiver will send the retransmission request which is time-consuming.

  • In detection and retransmission if back messaging occurs the bandwidth used will be more.

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