TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) provides a connection-oriented reliable service for sending messages.

TCP is one of the core protocols of the Internet Protocol (IP) suite, and it is responsible for ensuring reliable communication between applications over the internet. It works by establishing a virtual connection between two devices, and then transmitting data between them in the form of segments. TCP uses a number of mechanisms, such as flow control, error correction, and retransmission, to ensure that data is transmitted reliably and in the correct order.

TCP is widely used in applications that require reliable communication, such as web browsing, email, and file transfers. It is particularly useful for applications that require the transfer of large amounts of data, as it can break the data up into smaller segments and retransmit any segments that are lost or corrupted during transmission.

Overall, TCP provides a reliable and efficient method for sending messages over the internet, making it an essential component of modern networking and communication systems.


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